Sunday, 02 April 2017 14:54

#ShesMyInspiration #ConstanceSpry

I am always looking for inspiration and people who catch my attention are those who show great passion for whatever they do. Those who keep going when others doubt them and those who make even the mundane interesting. This blog and my next will each be dedicated to someone who by their own #uniqueness caught my attention. #ConstanceSpry born 1886 was a secretary who fled a violent marriage, started a lifelong affair with Henry Spry, taking his name and turned her life around by following her passion for flower arranging becoming a famous florist and author. Her own turbulent life led her to understand unconventIonal and scorned passions, such as #WallisSimpson whose wedding flowers she arranged. Other people's disapproval did not dent her passion and drive, she kept going, believed in herself and proved from humble beginnings you can still achieve by believing in yourself and allowing your free and creative spirit to #escape from lifes mundanities. 

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