Monday, 13 March 2017 12:13

Don't like me just use me

How do I promote my new business site? Social media is the way, or so I have been told. So whilst hiding behind the business name I am trying to promote through Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Pinterest  which has resulted in 'likes', 'DMs', and retweets, but not one listing has been added to my site.  I have also gone down the PR route,  all new to me and learnt about Cision and Mailchimp, signed up for Cision but still nothing. In the two weeks since launch I have had an introduction to and used Hootsuite(for scheduling social posts), Feedly for curated content, Pixabay for free images and Canva for resizing images. My grey cells are hopping like a cat on a hot tin roof for which I am grateful but what I really wish is someone to list on my site.  Maybe blogs are the way to go, so if you are reading this, click on this link, join, add what you want and give me a chance phew!