Monday, 06 March 2017 15:41

Generosity of Spirit

Here I am finally launching my new site.  It  has not been easy but it certainly has been an education. My sleeping brain has awoken to new thoughts,  social media and web design and development. I don't know if it will succeed but whatever, it has been a success in teaching me new things and putting me in touch with kind people. For anyone with an idea, I would say don't give up, with the internet it can be done but do watch out for the wolves on the way.. there will be some, but also enjoy the kindness and generosity of those who I put under the umbrella of 'Generosity of Spirit'.  These are the people who want you to succeed and whom you may never meet. I say thanks to Oliver who rescued me from a web developer who took advantage of my lack of knowledge, to Vanessa, my wonderful Italian graphic designer, Mary-Ann who managed to make what was a very poorly designed site look better and Sandra who took me as a complete novice through Social Media and made me understand the benefits.  Still, I have so much more to learn and hope people  visit my site and list and I apologise in advance for wanting you to like me and my site. There is nothing better then to give.