How it works - Finders

  1. At Account/Sign-in you can join or login. You can manage everything from your personal account page.  
  2. Click on Finders at top of page or ‘click here’ on account page. Browse the categories and select the product you have to sell. You can send the Seeker a question if you require more details. We encourage communication and transparency. Honesty is our policy.
  3. Enter your lowest offer (price you will sell at), including delivery, with as much details as possible, an image helps. The Seeker may not always choose the lowest bid, it could be down to condition of the item or feedback received. If your bid is not accepted there is no fee, so you lose nothing by putting in a bid. Please mention if you accept returns.
  4. If your bid is accepted you receive an automated response stating your bid has won and when payment is made confirmation from paypal.  Finders fee will be deducted.
  5. Go to actions on your account page to get  the shipping address. Arrange delivery to Seeker and let them know when in transit.
  6. Leave feedback