• Seeker or Finder?

    Are you a ‘Seeker or Finder’? You can be one or both! Whether you are looking for that special something, or you have a product you want to sell, eWishy will help you find your match.
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  • I am a seeker

    As a ‘Seeker’, I know exactly what I want but don’t want to spend hours trawling through search results to find it. With eWishy, people who have the products I want can find me and I can compare and contrast their offers to get the best possible deal. I won’t lose out to someone else.
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  • I am a finder

    I’m a ‘Finder’. I have what the ‘Seeker’ is looking for and want to sell it to them. The more I know about what the ‘Seeker’ wants, the easier it is to agree a deal. With eWishy, I can approach ‘Seekers’ whom I know are interested in my products.
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  • We are a match!

    Through eWishy we were able to find each other. The Seeker was able to look at offers from a number of Finders and select the offer that best fits their needs and budget. We’ve been able to make a deal that is good for everyone involved.
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Online Auction Revolution

The world of online shopping has been turned upside down literally with this revolutionary new site eWishy..


If you are on the lookout for a specific product you can sign up here and place an advert as a ‘Seeker’, all for free. Your post will explain what it is you are looking for and your maximum budget. ‘Finders’, if you have products  to sell you can browse the adverts to see if there is a match. You then make an offer to the ‘Seeker’ whose criteria for purchase may be best price, quality or maybe another consideration. No more losing out to other buyers and sellers can target those who are really interested in buying their goods. We encourage negotiation by email until you reach a deal. Match your competitors bid, or stick to your price, explaining why. At eWishy, you get the best match at the best price.